How To (Not) Be a Disaster

Welcome to How To (Not) Be a Disaster!

Here, we take your funny disaster stories and turn them into life lessons. “You live and you learn” may be true, but why do that when you could learn from someone else?

  • Did you get evicted from the closet in the most hilarious way possible?
  • Have a funny close call when you almost outed yourself?
  • Was your first date a disaster that never fails to make you laugh?
  • How about that one time you asked that person out?
  • Are you just a gay mess in general? Tell us about it!

If you want to share your disaster story, you can submit it at! If you’re too embarrassed, don’t worry!

All submissions are anonymous and your name will not be published. If there are other people in your story, we’ll change their names too! Just tell us.


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