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Cover Feature: Yasmin Benoit

The queer community represents people from all different walks of life β€” regardless of color, gender, sexuality, age, religion, nationality, or ethnicity β€” but not every group gets the same amount of attention. It’s no secret that the community tends to focus on white, cis gays and lesbians, despite all those other letters in our acronym. As a model, writer, and activist, Yasmin Benoit has been working to shed light on her community.

By late 2017, Yasmin had amassed a large Instagram following and decided to mention that she was asexual β€” something she did not expect anyone to care about.

Yasmin coined the Instagram hashtag #thisiswhatasexuallookslike and it grew into a movement. There are now over 5000 posts under the hashtag, with a rich diversity of asexual faces and stories. She started the hashtag to create a resource for people who β€œdon’t look asexual,” to demonstrate the diversity of the community. Yasmin has grown into an ace icon, frequently writing for publications, public speaking, and even appearing on MTV. Yasmin has become the aro-ace icon she deserved as a kid.

Cover Feature: Jen Winston

Jen Winston is a writer, creative director, and bisexual who is currently redefining what it means to be confused, sex-positive, and self-reflective in the twenty-first century. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CNN, and her newsletter The Bi Monthly, and is dedicated to exploring bi issues, experiences, and stories. Growing up in Indiana, Jen knew they wanted to make the queer pilgrimage from a small town to a big city from a young age β€” she just didn’t realize that this was built on a desire to be around more queer people until much later.

We got the opportunity to sit down with Jen to discuss her life and to dive into her new book Greedy: Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much.


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Each issue of Gaygenda magazine strives to share important news of the moment and to showcase movers and shakers in our wonderfully vibrant community. Every word in this issue comes from a team of diverse writers and editors who dedicate their time to curating an engaging and worthwhile read.

In our second issue, we collaborated with several creators and LGBTQ+ voices to bring you an immersive snapshot of the last two months. Among the new sections we’ve added, our two favorites are the new make-up artist features and the LGBTQ+ meme gallery!

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