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Am I Gay Quiz – The Ultimate LGBTQ Test

10 short questions to help you reflect on your identity

Hey there! This gay test is just for fun.

There is no such thing as a test, quiz, or tool that can tell you who you are. Quizzes like these can be fun and useful for reflecting on your life but make sure to take your results with a grain of salt (we can't tell you who you are based off 10 multiple choice questions!)

No matter your results, we encourage you to explore our online community! We have people from virtually every single identity and tons of accessible LGBTQ resources available.

We know that for some people, the idea of being gay (or any other identity in the community) can be really scary and overwhelming. Please know that there is nothing wrong, sinful, or abnormal about who you are.

Now, time for the 'Are You Gay Quiz'!

Welcome to the 'Are you gay" Quiz by Gaygenda

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Do you tend to review your social interactions to try to fit in?
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If your friend came out to you, what would be your reaction?
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Have you joined an online LGBTQ+ community anonymously?
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Do you find yourself to be really passionate about sexual identity issues?
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When you see a homosexual couple kissing on screen, what do you feel?
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How many 'am I gay' quizzes have you taken?
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Do you think that gender stereotypes are incorrect and offensive?
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How is your gaydar working?
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Has anyone asked you, or assumed that you're gay?
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Do you have LGBTQ+ friends?
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Written by Our Gaygenda


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